Vultures make the Paris area their winter home, returning to the nation’s upper mid-west areas in Spring. They prefer to roost in trees with dead branches. They see what’s around them or may be sneaking up on them. If something strange comes around, they can take off in any direction.

Vultures flock together and serve a useful purpose.

Lately, the current thinking is that, likely, the Paris Economic Development Corporation (PEDC) cannot build highways for the state so they may do it anyway.

But they can’t legally build or repair city streets.

This is the same group that wants to construct a ‘spec building’ for homeless mice and to be a nesting place for English Sparrows, but won’t spend a dime to buy the empty Superior Switchboard eye-sore, and either fix it up or tear it down, So, it remains between the two pieces of property they’ve purchased as a monument to Bee-uu-toofull Paris.

Two birds were sitting on a telephone line. One bird turns to the other and asks, “Are you for the PEDC?”

Yes,” answers the other bird, “they’re for us,”

The Paris Texas Chamber of Commerce, unlike what used to be the Lamar County Chamber, doesn’t urge people to send us ego-or-hope money that we can waste on bad decisions.

Ask yourself, what was the last “good” decision made by ol’ what used be? You can waste some time looking for an answer to that, but while you’re at it, why not ask yourself, what do they do that is actually worthwhile for Paris?

They probably would pick-up a snake to hit a stick.

For over six years, our tax dollars have been wasted on some “retail coach” who promised to bring retail outlets to Paris. The current one is living high on our tax dollars while denned up in a Mississippi wildlife area and listening to Elvis. Before Paris even started this effort, the Paris Chamber warned it was a bad idea; and continuously demand, “Show us the results.”

After spending around $200,000 of our tax dollars and nothing to show for it, one would think the butterflies would figure out that this is not really a good idea. Or maybe not.

Recently, Capital One Bank announced it would be closing, becoming the 2nd Big Bank to weasel out of Paris (the other being the Bank of America). None of the nation’s Big Banks remain. Think what this tells the nation’s industries, chains and box stores, and national franchises…

Add in the closing of downtown walk-in business at Peoples Bank, and the closing of the Liberty branch on Bonham Street, and a perception of local financial ‘stability’ or ‘growth’ is as flat as a doormat.

When the local Happy Howler Monkey tribe scream that Paris’ future is looking up, they don’t tell us that it’s because it’s flat on its back.

Within the Paris city limits, local neighborhoods are going to the dogs faster than fleas.

Inside Loop 286, almost three-fourths of the land mass is now within a ‘reinvestment zone’, and such zones – by law – are designated distressed areas. Paris has a lot of potential for more of the same.

And all we’re doing is putting on band-aids and watching the leeches suck blood

This year, the PEDC, the city, and ol’ what used to be were offered an opportunity to preview – at no cost – a 2016-completed copyrighted scope of work with a vision for rebuilding blighted neighborhoods; enabling local businesses to prosper; increasing the local tax base; creating new opportunities and new jobs; adding an annual average of 2,000-plus new visitors per day to the downtown area, and adding an additional $125,000,000 to the annual local cash flow; and making Paris, again, the Queen City of NE Texas.

These numbers are minimums, and no new taxes would have been needed to achieve them! The copyrighted work included how to have all these things pay for themselves, plus the strategic protocols and steps needed to implement and build on the vision.

But our local flock of parrots were too busy nibbling their crackers to even look at it!

Of course, we’re known by these nest builders of the status quo as the Paris Chamber of Horrors, And that’s just the polite stuff.

But what is the future for Paris, when the community pets in charge refuse to even consider an idea that’s not their own?

When the wages of sin are paid, Paris will get time and a half for overtime.