As history would tell us, ‘Good’s the enemy of great.’

Settling for good can keep us from achieving great.

Apologists for our Paris organizations seem to have a low threshold for defining ‘good’ – and must think great” is the bottom of an old stove.

Apparently, our community policy is to ignore what we know.

A policy cannot be worded so as to include every case which may arise, but it must be sufficient to apply to those things which most frequently happen. Paris’ policies are geared to confuse the community with what’s going on, and especially, before or after it happens.

It can only be deliberate.

For years, the policy of the city and the PEDC (who brag about Paris being “small business friendly”) is to allow incentives to only those investing a minimum of $1 million in Paris.

A required minimum $1 million investment is the exact opposite of “small business friendly”.

Since 1993, the Paris community has invested a great amount of money for economic purposes, only to have a small group of individuals team up with a few city bureaucrats against our rights to know how our money is spent, on whom, and why.

City and PEDC policies state that incentives are given solely to create and retain Paris and Lamar County jobs; as a policy, it has more holes than Swiss Cheese.

They’ve set policies that are geared to give them the power to pick and choose who gets what, when – which is simply favoritism, in the worst sense of the word.

It is economic roulette, played with our community tax dollars, to benefit a few.

Yet, their apologists claim it benefits Paris: It’s why local liquor stores do so well.

It’s evident that Paris has been ineffective in the pursuit of business, industry, and a growing population. Even with all our considerable assets, we’ve not even approached ‘good’ results.

Forget ‘great’.

And that’s why Paris is worse off today then 20-or so years ago.

The truth doesn’t move from place to place, and it doesn’t change. It is what it is. And where Paris is now, may be too far gone to make it back.

Recently, we were told that “any supporter of the Paris Chamber must think that those who are doing their best for Paris are very stupid.” But that’s not so. We think that they think we think that they are stupid. But, actually, we think they’re very smart. You must be intelligent to have so many citizens believing you’re doing a good job, when there’s so little to show as results. And we also think they are good people trying to do their best in difficult jobs.

So, we never underestimate their intelligence or their desire to do the right thing.

We do, however, think that they don’t know what to do to achieve progress.

Not knowing something is ignorance, not stupidity. And as Will Rodgers said, “We’re all ignorant about something.”

But Paris settling for anything less than good is stupidity.

And it should be against our community policy.